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    Rights Defenders toolkit

    A new toolkit from Children’s Parliament and the Children and Young People’s Commissioner explains the work we’ve done around child human rights defenders and contains practical activities that will let you carry out a project of your own.

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    News and stories

    News and stories about children and young people defending human rights in Scotland, including blogs from children and young people themselves.

Rights Defenders Action Group

Dedicated to defending rights

The Children and Young People’s Commissioner’s Rights Defenders action group is made up of young people looking at what it means to be a young human rights defender in Scotland.

The group’s made up of people who were already acting as human rights defenders before we started working with them, and it exists to help make others aware of the barriers they’ve overcome and the risks they may have taken.

They led a session at the Scottish Parliament on Challenging power: Children and young people as Human Rights Defenders in Scotland on 10 December 2018— the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

In November, the group helped us run our annual Human Rights Gathering, which this year was held in Inverness on the theme of children and young people as Human Rights Defenders.

They will also make specific recommendations to those who have a duty to promote and protect children and young people’s rights – such as the Scottish Government and the Scottish Parliament – in the form of a report which they will present to Parliament in 2019.

Human Rights Defenders Action Group

Blogs from the Action Group

Launching our Rights Defenders action group

Rights Defender Charlotte writes about the launch of the Action Group.

7 ways to take young people seriously

Katrina of the Rights Defenders Action Group outlines seven ways adults can get better at involving young people in the decisions that affect them.

Swimming to the surface: Eilidh’s story

Eilidh writes about how identifying as a human rights defender has helped her stand up for herself and her needs as someone with visual impairment.