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Duty bearers and adults who support you

All adults can support children and young people to be human rights defenders, and that’s something we’d encourage them to do.

But there are some adults – duty bearers – who international law says have a responsibility to respect, protect and fulfil children and young people’s rights.

Something September’s UN Day of Discussion aims to do is to make it clear what all countries need to do to support children and young people to defend human rights.

It’ll also make specific recommendations about what duty bearers should do as part of this support. We’ll update this page with these once they are made.

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Duty bearers

Because the State is the main duty bearer when it comes to defending human
rights, these responsibilities often fall on people who are employed by it.
These would include:

-Scottish Ministers,

-Scottish Government officials,

-local authority staff,


-social workers,

-health workers, such as doctors and nurses, and

-police officers.

Parents, carers and guardians are also duty bearers.