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How adults can support children to be Rights Defenders— in the words of children themselves

New report released by Child Rights Connect

Young Human Rights Defenders have talked about the support people like them need to Child Rights Connect, a worldwide network promoting children’s rights.

The network’s produced The views, perspectives and recommendations of children across the world, a key resource for the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child ahead of next week’s Day of General Discussion (DGD).

The report covers the views of the DGD Children’s Advisory Team, 21 children from 19 countries across the world. Among them are Hannah and Cameron, two Members of Children’s Parliament from Scotland.

What's in the report

Barriers and Inspiration

The report covers children’s thoughts and views on areas including:

  • what they think of when they imagine a human rights defender,
  • why they might choose to act as a human rights defender,
  • why children acting a human rights defenders should be supported, and
  • how adults – including parents and guardians, governments, schools, business and the media – can support young human rights defenders.

It also highlights the barriers the Advisory Team thought prevented children and young people from acting as human rights defenders, which are illustrated in the graphic below.

A graphic illustrating some of the barriers children thought young human rights defenders faced.

Read the report

Read the Child Rights Connect report here: