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Children's Parliament: Blogging on Glow

Working towards the Day of General Discussion

Dylan from Children's Parliament holding a shield.

Children’s Parliament has been keeping a blog on Glow, as they prepare to
take part in the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child’s Day of General

It talks about the work Members of the Children’s Parliament (MCPs) are
doing ahead of the day.

One blog is from Dylan, one of the MCPs involved in designing five giant
papier-mâché shields that will be displayed at the Day of General Discussion.

The shields display the views and ideas of over 200 children from across
Scotland about children’s human rights. MCPs helped run workshops to
gather children’s views, then used what they said as the basis for the
themes of shields they created. They represent:

Children's Parliament Shield: Right to Play

The Right to Play

Children in Scotland feel they don’t have good space to play in, and that they have too much homework to have time to go outside.

Children's Parliament Shield: Right to Education

The right to education and a decent standard of living

Children spend so much time at school that the MCPs felt these two things went together: if you’re happy at home, you’re more likely to be happy at school.

Children's Parliament Shield: Right to Participate

Being yourself

Children across Scotland don’t always feel they can express themselves and their identity, and they should do. Scotland is a very diverse place, and children want to celebrate this.

Children's Parliament Shield: Right to be Protected

Protection from harm

A lot of children feel that they can’t always be themselves and they feel alone. Sometimes, children face discrimination or have abusive relationships with parents, carers, teachers and other people in their lives— including other children.

Children's Parliament Shield: Right to be Loved

Being loved and cared for

The children think we need to be talking more about love, because everybody needs to be loved! If you’re not loved, it’s going to be really hard for you.

Creating Shields for the Day of Discussion

You can watch a short video of the Rights Defenders making their shields here: