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A report on children and young people as human rights defenders in Scotland

Quote from an Action Group member.

Human Rights Defenders are people who protect or promote human rights— their own, or their rights of others.

Most people don’t realise younger citizens can act as Human Rights Defenders— or that they’re protected by international law when they do.

At the Children and Young People’s Commissioner’s office, we think it’s time they get the help and support they’re entitled to.

With that aim, we worked with a group of inspiring young human rights defenders and with them created a list of eight recommendations.

These tell Scottish Government, Scottish Parliament, and Scotland’s main public bodies how they can – and should – support young human rights defenders in Scotland.

The report explains and highlights the recommendations and gives a voice to young people who work actively to protect and promote our human rights.

It’s been amazing to work with people as passionate and thoughtful as the rights defenders group have been.

Their voices, views and commitment are at the heart of this report, and we hope you get a sense of that when you read.

Read the Promote. Protect. Defend report.